Are you searching for Leverage more than 1:200, Hedging/Scalping/EA trading, no FIFO Rule, less hassle and greater trading results? Then, you are at right place! Read here our in-depth review of the Top 3 best offshore Forex Brokers accepting US Clients in 2021!

offshore forex brokers accepting US citizens




V. Good






V. Good


Why choose LMFX?

1. Accepts US clients. 

2. Learn from Chief Market Analyst about Daily Market predictions.

3. Spread from 0 Pips, Leverage up to 1:1000, No Requotes.

4. No FIFO Rule, Hedging Allowed, Scalping Allowed, EA Trading Allowed.

5. $50 min. deposit requirement. 

6. FX   48 and CFD  32 Instruments.

7. No Deposit Fee, 100% Credit Bonus and 15% Recovery bonus.

8. 24*5 Multilingual Live Chat Support.

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Offshore Forex Brokers accepting US clients in 2021




V. Good



V. Good



V. Good


Why choose LQDFX?

1. Accepts US clients.

2. Excellent Trading Conditions Spread from 0 Pips, Leverage up to 1:500, Lightning Fast order execution, No Requotes.

3. No FIFO Rule, Hedging Allowed, Scalping Allowed, EA Trading Allowed.

4. Accept Bitcoins. 

5. $20 min. deposit requirement to start Live trading.

6. FX   47 and CFD  30 Instruments.

7. No Deposit Fee, 100% Bonus.

8. 24*5 Multilingual Live Chat Support.

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offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients










V. Good


Why choose EagleFX?

1. Accepts US clients.

2. Excellent Trading Conditions  Spread from 0 Pips, Leverage up to 1:500, No Requotes.

3. No FIFO Rule, Hedging allowed, Scalping allowed, EA Trading allowed, News spike trading allowed. 

4. Accept Bitcoins. PayPal available for withdrawals. 

5.  24/7 Cryptocurrency trading.

6. $10 min. deposit for Live trading.

7. FX   55+, Crypto 30+, CFD 20+ Instruments.

8. Read full review here

Why do US Clients need an offshore or Foreign Forex Broker? Explore some interesting facts here!

offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients citizens in 2021
Top 3 offshore Forex brokers that accpets US clients citizens

Why do US citizens search for offshore Forex Brokers?

Do you remember the Great Financial crisis of 2008?

After the big US banks went bankrupt at the height of the financial crisis, watchdogs like CFTC and NFA decided to make amendment in Regulation to fill loopholes of Financial sector.

Forex Brokers in the US are regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) and the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The regulatory framework set out by these 2 bodies are often found too strict for FREE trading compared to other regulatory bodies around the globe.

Restrictions/Limitations imposed by CFTC and NFA on US based Forex Brokers:

1. Low Leverage : Maximum Leverage allowed by US Forex Brokers is just 1:50. This means that US Citizens or Residents have no leverage advantage in comparison to other global traders who enjoys leverage from 1:100 to 1:2000 with offshore Forex Brokers.

2. No Hedging & FIFO : US based Forex Brokers don’t allow Hedging and they must implement FIFO (First In First Out), which means if you open more than one position on a currency pair, you must close the first before closing the second one, which is not-so-straightforward way of preventing hedging. There is no such FIFO rule while trading with the best offshore Forex Brokers that accepts US Clients or Citizens.

3. OFAC Restriction : The Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC) has placed limitations on who US Forex brokers, can accept as a client. US Citizens or Residents need to go through hassle of long checklists before opening account with US Forex Brokers.

4. Credit Card Restriction : US Citizens or Residents are not allowed to use their Credit card to fund their Forex Trading account.

5. No Value Added Services : US based Forex Brokers are bound by stringent laws and regulations which prevent them from offering much flexible & value added trading services to US Citizens. But, the best offshore Forex Brokers accepting US Clients can offer these helpful trading services without much restriction.

Why do some Forex brokers not accept US clients?

Mostly because Dodd-Frank Act requires that Forex Brokerage company who wants to do business with US Clients must first be registered with both CFTC and NFA. Many offshore or foreign Forex Brokers find this very difficult and costly operation with tedious reporting requirements.

Just license fee of NFA and CFTC is 20 million USD compared to max. 1 Million USD licence fee of other reputed juridictions like FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSP (New Zealand) and CySec (Cyprus).

To avoid such high fee, high operational expense and paper mess, offshore Forex Brokers just stopped accepting US Citizens. It is easier for them to decline the US Citizens than incur the unforeseen expenses.

So, Dodd-Frank Act is the primary reason that has forced offshore Forex Brokers to decline US Citizens or Residents. 

Why US Citizens or Residents are still trading with offshore Forex Brokers?

1. Freedom : The best offshore Forex Brokers accepting US Clients conduct all their major operations overseas and set up headquarters in a place that does not have a large number of regulations and constraints, which means offshore Forex Brokers can offer leverage from 1:100 to 1:500, No FIFO Rule, No Hedging Restrictions, No Scalping Restrictions, No EA Trading Restrictions.

2. Greater Results : Because of better Trading conditions & Execution quality chances of making greater results for US Citizens increases with best offshore Forex Brokers.  

3. Less Hassle : US Citizens do not have to meet a lot of requirements with offshore Forex Brokers accepting US Clients as opposed to the list of boxes that they have to tick if they opt for US Brokers.

4. Excellent Trading Conditions : Because of High competition offshore Forex Brokers offers tight spreads, lightning fast execution, better leverages that enhances US Citizens trading experience and give them more opportunity to fulfill their financial goals.

5. Valuable Promotions : The best offshore Forex Brokers offer valuable promotions (Bonuses, Free Deposits, Free VPS, Free Analysis tools) that US Citizens might not otherwise get with US Brokers. This is because they are registered in Tax Heaven and can transfer some portion of Tax savings to US traders.

6. No Limitations : With best offshore or foreign Forex Brokers there are No limitations whatsoever which means that US Citizens can take up any trade that appeals to them and use any technique or strategy that they think fit.

Top 3 best offshore Forex brokers accepting US Clients in 2021

1. LQDFX (Fastest order execution, Leverage 1:500)

2. LMFX (Leverage 1:1000, 100% Bonus)

3. EAGLEFX (Best for Crypto trading, PayPal available)

#1. LQDFX Review

Rating: 4.6 / 5


  1. Accepts US clients. 
  2. Unrestricted trading environment — Leverage 1:500, No FIFO, Hedging and Scalping Allowed, EA trading Allowed. 
  3. Full STP execution — No requotes and lightning fast order execution.
  4.  No Withdrawal Complaints. 
  5. Daily Free Chart Analysis and market news.
  6.  PAMM account for Fund managers and investors. 
  7. Negative balance protection.
  8. Free chart analysis and Economic calendar. 


  1. MT5 and cTrader Platform is not available for trading.
  2. Cryptocurrencies are not available for trading.

Regardless of the fact if you are a beginner in Forex trading or have been doing it for years, the trustworthy offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients is something you are definitely interested in.

However, the question is: what makes a perfect offshore Forex broker? 

In this LQDFX review, we will go over every aspect of this broker in detail that  traders looks for in a perfect offshore Forex broker accepting US clients.

LQDFX Overview

In 2015, FX industry got expanded by one more broker that soon became award-winning and reached the top position among all foreign Forex brokers. The broker is run and operated by LQD Limited, and is based in the Marshall Islands. 

By offering full STP execution, LQDFX proved that they are one of the few transparent Forex brokers who really care about their clients and act in their best interests. They have no conflict of interest, no requotes, no delays, and no dealing desk intervention.

When it comes to trading platforms, the broker offers MetaTrader 4 (for Windows, Androids and iOS), and the minimum deposit requirement to start trading with LQDFX is just 20 USD.

LQDFX clients are loyal to them and one of the reasons for such loyalty from LQDFX clients is attentive and helpful customer support. Indeed, 24/5 multilingual troubleshooting will be there for you on business days and resolve all the possible problems quickly and efficiently.

They provide bonuses and promotions according to the accepted countries’ events. And most importantly, there are no hidden fees or rules. 

We can assure you that the traders of this broker have been happy with their brokerage services! And this is because of the trust LQDFX has earned among traders over time. 

Let us guess; you’re afraid about safety. LQDFX ensures its traders’ safety with different risk management services, separate accounts, and partnerships with banking institutions in the EU. All things considered, LQDFX wants to keep the services transparent and provide comprehensive information for its users.

There are several reasons why LQDFX is so notable among offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients and we would like to draw your attention to the most important ones.

STP Execution

LQDFX offers an STP trading environment that promises a fair and totally transparent trading environment for traders. STP execution guarantees transparency, a great speed of order execution, A-Book execution, no slippage and tight spread.

The STP execution means that every time a client places an order, LQDFX has no conflict of interest, as well as no-requotes, instant execution and no intervention. Each order is placed in the LQDFX aggregator, which ensures the best price for your order, provided by a number of top liquidity banks.

No matter if you lose or win, LQDFX will never take an opposite side of your trades, therefore they will not benefit on any occasion. 

Account Types — Micro, Gold, ECN, VIP, and Islamic

When it comes to regular Forex brokers, they offer a limited number of accounts. LQDFX, on the contrary, has taken care of each type of traders by offering 5 different account types: Micro, Gold, ECN, VIP and Islamic Account.

offshore Forex broker LQDFX Account types

Some of the features are common to all 5 account types, so we haven’t included them in the above table. But, below you can find these common features

  1. Order Execution type Market Execution
  2. Trading Model STP
  3. Requotes None
  4. Trading Platform MT4 (Desktop, Android and iOS)
  5. Available Instruments Forex (71 pairs), Indices (12 instruments), Commodities (5 instruments) and Metals.
  6. Education Material Yes
1. Micro Account

The Micro Account has been designed for beginner Forex traders who want to trade in smaller lot sizes, such as 0.01 lot to try the live trading environment. Micro account allows beginner traders to start Forex trading with just $20 in a live account.

2. Gold Account

If you already gained some experience and want to try your trading strategy for the next level, then Gold account is a perfect account for you. The Gold account has been designed for traders who prefer a simple commission-free account, without the hassle of calculating commission separately. 

There are no separate commissions charged on Gold accounts so you don’t need to calculate trading fee (spread + commission) separately while developing your trading strategy. You only need to pay attention to the spread, which is extremely tight in Gold accounts.

3. ECN Account

The ECN Account has been designed for experienced and serious traders who are looking to trade on raw spreads starting from 0.1 in an ECN environment. The account charges a small commission on trades and is ideal for traders who prefer to trade in the short-term, especially EA and Scalper traders.

4. VIP Account

The VIP Account is designed to minimize the trading cost by offering interbank trading conditions to HNI, institutional and professional traders, who invest in higher equities ($25000 and up) and trade higher volumes (1000 standard lot and up in a month). 

The maximum lot size for VIP accounts is unrestricted. It means that if you have enough equity on your VIP account, you can trade even 1000 standard lots or up in one order.

5. Islamic Account

Among offshore Forex brokers in the world, the LQDFX trading environment has the most competitive pricing and flexible trading conditions. They are best for traders who need higher leverage (1:200+), fastest order execution, tightest spread and lowest swap rates. Let’s go over them all one by one.

Trading Conditions

Among offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients around the world, the LQDFX trading environment has the most competitive pricing and flexible trading conditions. They are best for traders who need higher leverage (1:200+), fastest order execution, tightest spread and lowest swap rates. Let’s go over them all one by one.

1. Spread and Commission

Something big that distinguishes LQDFX from other offshore Forex brokers is their aim to supply US traders with low-cost access to the Forex market. LQDFX has a combination of spreads and commissions according to the account type you choose. 

Micro, Gold, and Islamic accounts have no commissions and only charge a brokerage fee based on the spread starting just 1.0 pips on EURUSD.

On LQDFX’s ECN and VIP accounts, the EURUSD spread is just 0.1 pips on average, with a round-turn commission of $7 for ECN accounts and $5 for VIP accounts per 1 standard lot traded.

If you trade 1 standard lot of EURUSD with LQDFX, the total brokerage fee will be $8 for an ECN account and only $6 for a VIP account.

offshore Forex broker LQDFX Spread and Commissions
2. Leverage

Leverage is a good method for increasing the exposure of markets since it lowers the requirements for the margin while trading. On the other hand, leverage can be a double-edged sword, so be cautious when using it.

The maximum leverage available with the Micro Account is 1:500. Leverage is 1:300 on the Gold, ECN, and Islamic accounts. Because traders on VIP accounts trade in higher volumes, the risks are higher for both trader and brokerage company, so the leverage on VIP accounts is limited to 1:100.

3. Swaps

Swaps are the fees in case you keep a position open overnight. Swaps can be positive or negative, and the good news is that positive swaps are credited to your account balance by LQDFX, which some offshore Forex brokers don’t credit.

offshore Forex broker LQDFX Swap rates
4. Order execution speed — 0.6 seconds

Why do you need to know the speed of “Order Execution”? Well, there are many online Forex brokers, and once you search for one to trade with, you’ll notice that a lot of them mention their “Order Execution Speed”. It is the time taken from the instant you create the order until the order is executed by the broker. Traders search for the fastest order execution. If the order speed is quicker, then the orders will get:

  Less Slippage: Orders being executed at another price than the one you requested because the market value has changed while the order was delivered to the market.

  Less Rejections: Orders being not executed due to the fact that the slippage has exceeded the limit set by the broker.

  Less Requotes: Orders returning to you and asks for a different market value to be executed because the price you requested doesn’t exist.

When compared to other offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients, the STP model of LQDFX ensures no-requotes and lightning-fast execution in just 0.6 seconds, which is the fastest.

Range of Markets

Now, check this out; with LQDFX, you will get to access multiple markets that are located around the world. The markets include Forex, Indices, Commodities, and Metals, for example.

They have 71 forex pairs made of 7 majors, 21 minors and finally, 43 exotics currency pairs. 

You are able to trade 16 precious metals, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum. 

In addition, you can also trade 21 global stock indices and 6 energy and agricultural commodities.

Deposit and Withdrawals

So, let’s begin. In order to start trading, you must deposit funds into your live account. LQDFX offers many different deposit options for users to choose from:

  • The minimum deposit for a Micro and Islamic account is just $20.
  • The minimum deposit for a Gold and ECN account is $500.
  • The minimum deposit for a VIP account is $25,000.

You can choose between Bitcoin, MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Litecoin, Visa, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Neteller, Ripple, Skrill, UPayCard, and VLoad.

For Visa and Mastercard, it is 2,000 USD per one transaction and 15,000 USD maximum per card. The deposited funds will be in your account in just 30 minutes. Moreover, there are no fees which is an excellent aspect for the users!

For the bank wire transfer, it is 500,000 USD maximum transaction per day, and transfers usually take around 2 to 7 business days. There are no additional fees if you deposit more than 500 USD because LQDFX will cover the feed in this case.

They offer Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, and FasaPay, where the minimum deposit has to be at least 20 USD, and Altcoin has a minimum deposit of 30 USD.

And another thing, withdrawing is just as essential in the trader’s work as the deposits.

Cryptocurrency and e-wallet withdrawals will be handled in only one business day.

Card withdrawals will take around two days, and bank transfers need between 2 and 10 business days.

So, the waiting time for withdrawals in LQDFX is suitable.

Other things to consider: the minimum sum for withdrawal is 100 USD for bank transfers, 20 USD for credit and debit cards, 0 to 10 USD for the different e-wallets, 10 USD for Bitcoin, and 30 USD for all the other cryptocurrencies.

The unique features of LQDFX

Trading seems easier now, thanks to the services LQDFX offers for its clients. US traders can use all the features to get the best trading experience and to make successful investments. Here is a short guide to the features you will get to use:

1. PAMM Account

For Fund Managers, there is a completely new feature available in LQDFX, and it will allow you to see the investments of Fund Managers and professional traders.

You can then use this information while investing your own funds. You can also use different options, for example, the account id, traders name, earnings obtained from trades, shares, and others, to filter the results.

This feature will help you to understand the market and investing even better. So, you can learn about the market of your choice before getting started. This is a great opportunity to earn without learning the complexities of the Forex market.

2. Chart analysis and Economic Calendar

LQDFX offers chart analysis, economic calendars, and different training materials to make life easier for beginning traders. All these features are helpful for both beginners and long-time investors, so you will surely benefit from them. The MetaTrader 4 has a built-in function to organize the charts for you.

You may wonder why chart analysis is such a great tool. Well, believe me, it provides a reliable way to track price movements in the market. They help traders identify prevailing market conditions.

Chart analysis also helps anticipate possible changes in market conditions and provide an objective way to learn about different trading options. 

Their economic calendar allows you to follow the economic agenda in real-time and, therefore, consider the fundamental elements that tend to influence or even change the direction of the market; this means interesting trading opportunities, especially due to increased volatility during specific events. It really is that simple.

3. Negative balance protection

The negative balance protection is a useful feature for all traders who do not want to take unnecessary risks. You can set this feature to stop your account from losing too much money.

And the best part? You can control your losses, and trading will not cause you to get debt. LQDFX will let you use this tool, and you can use it to protect your funds.

Even if you were an advanced investor, it is a helpful feature that we can totally recommend

24/5 Customer Support

In LQDFX, traders can contact 24/5 Live Chat support, and this service is also one of the reasons why the platform is so famous.

You can find multiple different languages for the support, so you can choose the most comfortable one for yourself and feel at ease.

You can reach them through various channels. The phone number to contact them is +44 20 8064 1038, and the email is Moreover, there is a professional and experienced live chat available as well.

Their customer service team is known to handle all account-related queries super efficiently. It deals with all different kind of issues, may it be document verification, PAMM or other error messages.

LQDFX has a support team of friendly professionals who can resolve the most complex problems. They will help you in all situations.

Promotion and Bonuses

You can find a good number of different promotions and bonuses from the LQDFX broker. The best promotion is the 100% deposit bonus, which means that if you trade 100 USD, LQDFX is giving you more than 100 USD on top of your 100 USD to trade. This is giant! That means you can earn up to $20,000! Sounds impressive, right?

Final thoughts on LQDFX

To conclude, LQDFX is the best offshore Forex broker accepting US Clients, that has several unique features and trustworthy policies, which make it outstanding.

If you want to start trading without restrictions, LQDFX offers a variety of features and services.

The broker gives you an opportunity to select between 5 different accounts which have their own features, which proves to be really useful for every type of Forex trader.

You can contact their professional customer support on most days, and they will help you with any issue or question quickly and efficiently. All in all, the LQDFX broker is excellent for both beginners and advanced Forex traders, the number of loyal customers is constantly increasing.

Among the benefits of LQDFX, there is a minimum deposit that is only 20 USD and high leverage of 1:500.

You can also find the ECN/STP execution, the fastest execution and high liquidity. Moreover, international traders, especially US traders are accepted.

If you are looking for the best offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients, LQDFX should definitely be considered. 

So, give it a go, what are you waiting for?

#2. LMFX Review

Rating: 4.4 / 5


  1. Accept US clients.
  2. Leverage 1:1000, No FIFO, Hedging and Scalping Allowed, EA trading Allowed.  
  3. No Withdrawal Complaints.
  4. 2 bonuses — 15% recovery and 100% credit bonus.  
  5. Trading cost is extremely low. 
  6. Free Educational tools, economic calendar, and Forex calculator. 
  7.  Opportunity to trade with fixed and variable spreads.
  8. Professional multilingual customer support (24/5).
  9. One click trading, ideal for scalper traders.
  10. Ultra low latency with VPS.


  1. MT5 and cTrader Platform is not available for trading. 
  2. Cryptocurrencies are not available for trading or for deposit/withdrawal.
  3. No Islamic account.
  4. Not registered or regulated in US.

About LMFX

The market of offshore Forex Brokers accepting US clients is getting saturated, and it becomes hard to distinguish one from another.

However, thanks to the honest reviews of traders which are highlighting important features and products of one broker or another, it makes it easier to choose the best one for you.

The logo of LMFX offshore Forex Broker accepting US clients speaks for itself: commitment to excellence. 

When promising to deliver excellent services, LMFX team start to keep their promise already on their homepage.

The fact is that the moment you open it, you get immediately impressed by the design and functionality of their website. It is easy to operate, and it contains no hidden information, allowing their customers to get familiar with their policies and services that they offer.

Account Types — Premium, Fixes and Zero Account

The first category that you see on the top of the page is “Trading”, where you will gain more information about 3 accounts (Premium, Fixed and Zero) that they offer.

Highlights of these 3 accounts makes it easier for traders to pick the right account that is most suitable for them.

1. Premium Account

Premium Account has been carefully tailored to meet the trading needs of beginners Forex traders who want to try their hand with Live account with minimum appetite for risk. 

It requires just $50 to start Live trading on Premium account. 

In this account 1 lot size = 100 000 units of currency. And, minimum lot size that you can trade is 0.01 lot. Maximum trade lot size you can trade on this account is 60 standard lots. 

This account offers a Leverage of 1:1000 and avg. spread of 1 pips without any addition commission. 

Premium account offers rich product portfolio such as Forex/Gold/Silver/Oil, Indices, Commodities, and Share CFD trading. 

2. Fixed Account

Fixed account is a fixed spread account and best suited for traders who want greater control over their trading and improved accuracy when calculating positions. This account is ideal for Expert Advisors (EAs) that outperform with fixed spreads.

It requires just $250 to start Live trading on Fixed account.

You can open trading account is USD, and EUR. 

This account offers a Leverage of 1:400 and spread is fixed. Maximum trade lot size you can trade on this account is 75 standard lots.

Fixed account also offers Forex/Gold/Silver/Oil, Indices, Commodities, and Share CFD trading. 

3. ZeroAccount

Zero account is for experienced and professional Forex traders whose strategy demands interbank spreads for high-volume trading. This account seemingly a low trading cost account with NO markups and super-tightened spreads starting at 0.0 pips, as the name suggests “Zero Account”.

Ideal for scalping and high-volume trading. 

It requires a minimum of just $100 to start Live trading. 

This account offers a Leverage of 1:250 and interbank spread with No markups. ECN commission per standard lot is just 4 USD. 

Zero account also offers Forex/Gold/Silver/Oil, Indices, Commodities, and Share CFD trading.

Range of Markets

When it comes to the products that they offer, you can easily find rich product portfolio of LMFX in the “Products” section.

Unlike many other Forex brokers, LMFX offers more assets, so that you may choose from Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Oils and even Shares.

Forex — LMFX offers trading in 48 currency pairs, major minor and exotic ones. 

Indices — If you are looking to spread your exposure across the constituents of indices rather than trade in one single stock, LMFX provides you with 9 indices namely UK100, GER30, USA100, USA30, USA500, FPA40, SPA35, AUS200, and USD Index.

Commodities — It includes wheat, sugar, coffee , corn and metals like palladium, copper and platinum.

Metal and Oil — It includes XAUUSD, XAGUSD, XAUEUR, XAGEUR, USOIL, UKOIL, and NGAS. 

Shares — Through LMFX single stock CFDs, you can easily trader shares without the need to acquire the underlying stock. Prices of the LMFX CFDs mirror the pricing of the underlying stocks. Total 15 stock CFDs are available for trading.

Trading Platforms

One more important feature that attracts more traders to LMFX is that it is suitable for 7 different platforms, including MT4 desktop platform, WebTrader, iPhone Trader, iPad Trader, Android Trader and several other.

With LMFX MT4, you have more than 50 free inbuilt indicators and tools at your disposal to assist you analyse the market trends of currencies across 9 time frames, speculate trends and estimate entry and exit points.


LMFX allows flexible deposits and all their customers can take an advantage of a personalized client area.

Company also offers several ways to make the deposit and withdraw the sums earned through international bank transfer, Visa and Master cards, online e-wallets like Skrill, Neteller, Fasapay, VLoad.

Deposits are accepted in USD and EUR only.


If you are new in Forex trading and looking for best offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients, you should make sure to get familiar with strategies as well as trading tools before starting to trade.

For that purpose, LMFX have established their next category, which is called “Education”.

There you can find all what you need to become a real professional in the field.

Starting from video tutorials, in-depth market analysis and finishing with up-to-date live economic calendar, there are many ways to improve your analytical skills.


To make your trading experience positive and rewarding, LMFX is also granting bonuses and awards (e.g. 100 deposit bonus, 15 recover bonus, also for giving the closest prediction to the future exchange rate of the currency pair of the week).

Those can be found in the “Promotions” section.

Customer Support

The customer support line, which is multilingual and available on business days is ready to provide assistance and solve any matter that might appear.

This has also been proved based on the reviews of their loyal customers, and it can be noted that whichever inquiry you have, it will be processed immediately.

The LMFX professional customer support is available 24/5 via Live Chat, Skype, Email, Call Back Request and Telephone.

Final thoughts on LMFX

With all the services that LMFX offer, they make sure to adjust to customers needs. Among Forex Brokers accepting US clients, LMFX is definitely a top choice. To draw a line, it is a high-quality broker that is always improving and customizing offered services.

In conclusion concerning LMFX review, you can be sure to join one of the best offshore Forex Broker accepting US clients in 2021.

#3. EagleFX Review

Rating: 4.1 / 5


  1. Accept US clients. 
  2. Unrestricted trading environment — Leverage 1:500, No FIFO, Hedging, Scalping, EA and News trading allowed.  
  3. Withdrawal requests are reviewed within 30-minutes or less.
  4. Zero deposit and withdrawal fee. PayPal available. 
  5. 24/7 Cryptocurrency trading.
  6. No KYC documents required.
  7. Min. deposit requirement is just $10 for live trading. 
  8. Daily free market analysis and market news.
  9.  Full STP execution — No requotes and lightning fast order execution.


  1. MT5 and cTrader Platform is not available for trading.
  2. Not registered or regulated in US.
  3. No Education program. 
  4. No promotions or bonuses. 

Only a few offshore Forex brokers accept US clients these days. However, how do you go about finding the best offshore broker for you? Let us introduce you to EagleFX, one of the best offshore Forex brokers on our list that accepts US clients.

EagleFX Overview

Suppose you are looking for a place to trade with foreign currencies, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, commodities, indices, and much more. In that case, EagleFX might be just the place to be taken into consideration by you. 

The minimum deposit is incredibly low, only 10 USD, which is perfect for traders with a low budget or who are still training.

The functions and possibilities of the broker include scalping, hedging, and news trading. You can use them for more than 50 currencies available, including EUR, USD, and GBP.

The leverage with 1:500 is average for the market and standard. With an incredibly fast speed for transactions, you can trade the minimum lot of 0.01 to your absolute best ability.

Among the instruments to trade are Currencies 55+, Cryptocurrencies 30+, and CFD (20+) — Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Stock Indexes, Oil, Other Commodities Indices.

The instruments can be traded on MT4 desktop and MT4 mobile, just as on WebTrader.

Customer service is rated way higher than average, with the availability of 24/7.

Same Day Withdrawals

What’s better than getting your funds in your bank within a few hours? It’s real peace of mind compared to other Forex brokers who often take longer than 48 hours to process your withdrawals.

This is not the case with EagleFX. Their efficient account department lets traders withdraw their earnings within 24 hours and even faster than that. On average, it takes approximately 30 minutes to review the withdrawal requests by the EagleFX team.

They conduct security checks to ensure that the requests are being sent out to the right person. After this, depending on blockchain traffic, your funds should arrive in your Bitcoin wallet within an hour or less with no traffic. EagleFX recommends enabling 2FA. This could help you with faster withdrawals according to their team and makes your account extra secure.

24/7 Crypto Trading

Crypto trading is possible 24/7, instead of the usual 24/5 at other Forex brokers. You’ll be able to earn money trading during the weekends where you have more free time.

This is very convenient for many users because most people work their office jobs during the week and don’t have much free time left after work.

Because of 24/7 trading, EagleFX also offers 24/7 customer service. If you encounter a problem with your trading account in the middle of the night, you’ll still get help.

Among the items to trade are 11 indices and 32 cryptocurrencies. Whereas other brokers usually only offer around 10 cryptocurrencies. This is a massive increase and a reason why we highly advise EagleFX to the people who trade many different cryptos and looking for best offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients. 

No KYC Document Required

EagleFX does not demand a KYC document. This is because they accept Bitcoins.

Traders can set up a live trading account within 10-minutes and start trading.

Other brokers want to see your KYC document first and then verify it, this could sometimes take up to a week, and sometimes traders get frustrated and loss all desire to trader Forex.

Sometimes it is also difficult for traders to submit a valid address for proof, making it much harder to set up their account.

Traders do not need to do this with EagleFX because of the anonymity of Bitcoin. This means that you can set up your trading account within 10 minutes without any hassle.

1:100 Leverage for Crypto Trading

The leverage that they offer on Forex is 1:500, Metals = 1:500, Indices = 1:200; Energies = 1:200; Cryptocurrencies = 1:100.

The last leverage for crypto is possibly one of the best on the market. These leverages are very decent when you compare them to their competition that often only offers a 1:5 or 1:20 leverage for cryptocurrency. We believe that EagleFX is at the top of the market with this.

Trading Platforms

Trading platforms offered on the website include, of course, the most popular one. MetaTrader 4, is a must-have and the first choice any beginner will likely decide on. It comes with lots of analytical functions such as 9 timeframes, 30 technical indicators, 24 graphical objects, and interactive charts.

EagleFX ensure that you are absolutely up to date with the latest developments in the market you choose to trade in, enabling you to make the best decision possible. 

Here, in general, the lightning-fast order execution comes in extremely handy to support your actions further.

If you travel a lot, then MT4 is also available for your mobile phone. The MT4 mobile App is a full-fledged trading platform for iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. The MT4 app offers all you need for successful Forex trading: a complete set of orders, trading history, interactive charts, technical analysis, and a wide range of supported mobile devices.

Traders using the MT4 App on mobile phones enjoy powerful functionality for trading Forex anytime and anywhere in the world. The full range of analytics and trading options is now available on your mobile device.

The third platform is WebTrader, allowing you to trade Forex from any browser and operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) with no additional software. All you need is an Internet connection. It is a platform with a simple, slightly scaled-down design that offers fewer functions than the MT4 desktop platform but an excellent understanding of trade in general. 

You can personalize your Forex broker activity as much as you like. All options to help you succeed are open, and EagleFX is supportive of whatever the registered members choose.

Account Types

EagleFX offers all registered members upon signing up more than just one option for an account. Apart from the Live account, you can also start with a demo account simulating real trading.

Demo Account — As the name says, a demo account allows you to simulate trading in a realistic setting with the amounts of virtual money you choose. 

Demo accounts allow you to trade with mock funds completely risk-free and can be opened in USD, EUR, GBP, and BIT currencies. You can start with any beginning balance you desire. 

In certain circles, this is called playing without paying. You can learn a lot this way, in the most realistic setting possible without actually risking your real assets. For beginners who are somewhat unsure of how to proceed, this is an amazing option to develop more confidence in their decisions. Getting a more in-depth knowledge of the market is another benefit you would otherwise only get from real trading.

Live Account — A Live account is a little different from a demo-account. Here you can deposit real money for actual transactions and investments, and the trading you do on the platforms will result in real loss or gain. 

If you choose not to use your account for a specific time, there are no inactivity fees to pay.

Deposit and Withdrawals

EagleFX offers its members different options to place their deposits and later withdrawal money. Firstly, for placing your first deposit, you can use Bitcoin, Mastercard, or Visa, just as a Wire Transfer. The currencies of the wallets prepared include USD, BITs, EUR, and GBP.

To withdraw what you have earned, you can use Bitcoin as well. For withdrawing to a Coinbase wallet, you can do so via PayPal. This is offered as an option when starting the process for your convenience. 

Also, part of the payment is the fees that apply. You will be happy to hear that there are only two fees for the entire website, and these are ECN Commission fees and swap fees.

The broker does not require any form of fees for depositing or withdrawing, but you should be reminded that Bitcoin transactions via Blockchain are not free. The Blockchain network charges 0.0005 BTC per transfer, so you might want to keep the number of times you deposit low by only depositing higher amounts less often to save a little.

Fund Security

“Security and the protection of your funds is our top priority.” This is the first sentence on the EagleFX “Protection of client funds” part of the website and describes their attitude to customer data and safety very precisely.

The security at EagleFX is top-notch. They have forged connections with top banks in the world and continuously work on improving their security. The withdrawals and deposits are hassle-free and secure and are made through the best payment processors.

They store your traded bitcoins in something that’s called cold storage.

This means that your funds are not present on their web server or any physical computer. Instead, these bitcoins are stored in an external storage device. This means that it is entirely safe from hackers who try to steal your valuable coins. Of course, a small amount needs to be kept on their servers to process your withdrawal requests quickly. This amount is always anticipated, so you’ll always be able to withdraw them.

Bitcoin rate fluctuations never impact all funds because they are fully hedged on the largest global exchanges. EagleFX promises to always put the security of your funds as their number one priority.

EagleFX has an extensive risk management plan for traders looking for offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients. They monitor and analyse the risks that come with offering these extensive trading services. Staying ahead and avoiding potential problems before they occur is the number one priority of this comprehensive plan. 

24X7 instant Customer Service

EagleFX has impressive customer service. They provide their users 24X7 instant reply through three possible ways.

  1. Live chat: The fastest way of contacting them. You can solve general queries here in real-time. The response time for this method is almost instant, and you can talk to employees in real-time.
  2. Submit a support ticket: This is the perfect method for people who don’t have time to chat. You can send an email to EagleFX, and they’ll get back to you within 15 minutes on average, unlike other Forex brokers that have 48 hours of Ticket waiting time.
  3. Request a call: Speaking to somebody over the phone is sometimes the quickest and easiest way to solve a big problem you have. Customers are able to request a call with an employee who will typically respond in about 4 hours.

Final thoughts on EagleFX

Generally speaking, EagleFX is a very easy-to-handle website and has lots of information to provide for Forex traders who are looking for offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients. The FAQ is an essential part of their customer service experience, but also the availability of the support is very impressive.

No matter the time, when logging in, you almost immediately get in contact with someone to assist you with the process of logging in, placing a deposit, and accessing the page. Little to no fees are also incredibly attractive as a feature.

EagleFX has an excellent trading platform range and can be accessed almost everywhere. There are so many tools to make your way of trading as individualized and unique as possible to the market you choose.

The instruments to trade have a wide variety, and with the information generated in MT4, you are set up for success.

The trade itself is also made easy, with speed being one of the most named compliments from the review pages like Trustpilot. Whether it is the speed of transactions or investments, or the speed of withdrawal, everything is processed almost immediately.

If you are looking for the best offshore Forex brokers accepting US clients, EagleFX should definitely be considered. 

So, give it a go, what are you waiting for?

If you enjoyed this post and it helped you in finding the best offshore Forex Brokers accepting US Clients in 2021, I’d be very grateful if you’d help by sharing this post to your friends or fellow Forex traders from US, on Twitter or Facebook to create awareness about freedom, flexibility and earning opportunities with these best offshore Forex Brokers for US Citizens. Thank you!

Happy Trading!!! 

Reviewed by  Ehren Alscher

Reviewed by Ehren Alscher

Ehren is highly motivated and accomplished Forex trader with over 9 years' of experience in Forex trading. He worked with reputed Forex Brokers as a Market Analyst. He like to do in-depth SWOT analysis of Forex Brokers and value added services. In his free time he likes to play tennis and chess.

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