LQDFX Review: Does it Accept US Clients in 2023?

If you are looking for an overseas forex broker that accept US clients and offers restriction-free trading conditions such as leverage up to 1:1000, No FIFO or PDT rule, and allows EA trading, hedging, Scalping and other trading strategies, then LQDFX is definitely worth considering.

In this LQDFX Review 2023, you will gain insights into broker’s key features, low trading costs, broad range of instruments, deposit and withdrawal details, regulation, fund security, customer support, PAMM accounts, as well as pros and cons of LQDFX forex broker. 

On my list of the top overseas forex brokers that accept US clients, LQDFX unquestionably ranks among the best. I reached out to LQDFX and did my best to gather every relevant detail so you could determine whether LQDFX is the best overseas forex broker that can help you in achieving your trading goals. I hope you find this LQDFX review informative.

1. Introduction

LQDFX, operated by LQD LTD is a popular overseas Forex broker that accept US clients. Founded in 2015, LQD LTD is registered within Saint Lucia, with Registration No 2023-00139. 

The broker provides a broad range of trading services, including Forex, Indices, Metals, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies. 

LQDFX uses the STP execution business model, which ensures that there are no conflicts of interest, no requotes, lightning-fast execution, and no dealing desk interference. 

Whether you are a beginner trader who wants to get started with just $20 or a high-end trader seeking an advanced institutional environment, LQDFX supports traders of all level. They have developed 5 different account types to meet the trading needs of even the most demanding traders.

LQDFX offers 1:1000 leverage, low trading costs, bonuses, free VPS, PAMM account, daily chart analysis, negative balance protection, and professional 24/5 live chat support. 

With a 3.5 rating out of 5, and 136 reviews, LQDFX has simply left a positive impression on a reputable review site like ForexPeaceArmy. Most of their clients have a favourable opinion of their fast withdrawal times.

So, if you are looking for an overseas forex broker for US clients that combines restriction-free trading environment, favourable conditions and a commitment to serving traders from around the globe, LQDFX is definitely worth considering.

2. LQDFX Highlights

  • Foundation Year: 2015
  • Execution Type: STP
  • Clients Accepted: Globally, including US.
  • Maximum Leverage: 1:1000
  • Commission: $2.5 per side
  • Minimum Deposit: $20
  • PAMM account for fund managers. 
  • Products: Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Oils, Share CFDs.
  • Platforms: MT4 desktop, Mobile and Web.
  • EA/Scalping/Hedging: Allowed

3. LQDFX Pros and Cons

Before we go into the detailed LQDFX Review 2023, let’s go through the important advantages and disadvantages that may influence your decision:


  1. STP model provides quality order execution.
  2. Flexible leverage from 1:1 to 1:1000.
  3. Spread from 0 pips, ECN Commission $2.5 per side. 
  4. ForexPeaceArmy Reviews – 3.5 rating and 136 reviews.
  5. 100% Bonus fully transparent
  6. Swap free Islamic Account.
  7. Live Chat response within 2 minutes.
  8. Negative balance protection.
  9.   PAMM account for fund managers.


  1. No MT4 or cTrader platform.
  2. Operates without regulatory oversight.

4. LQDFX Key Features Review: What Sets It Apart?

Upon diving into the LQDFX broker, I discovered an array of valuable features designed to benefit traders:

1. LQDFX Leverage

Starting June 2023, LQDFX clients can take advantage of 1:1000 leverage – twice the previous maximum of 1:500! But what does it mean for US Clients? Let’s break it down with an example:

If you are trading a 3.0 lot position of USDJPY on a USD account with 1:500 leverage, your margin requirement would be $600. 

However, with a new 1:1000 leverage, the same 3.0 lot position of  USDJPY would only require $300 in the margin. 

This significant reduction in margin is like having a powerful engine that gives you an extra boost.

2. STP Execution

When it comes to forex trading, every second counts. LQDFX understands the importance of timely execution, which is why they offer lightning-fast trade execution with minimal slippage through their STP execution model.

No tricky dealing desk stuff, no requotes, no frozen charts, and definitely no conflict of interest. 

Your trades go straight into their aggregator, where multiple top-tier liquidity banks compete to offer you the best price.

3. LQDFX Bonuses Review

LQDFX offers a fantastic 100% deposit bonus! It is transparent, simple-to-track and very achievable bonus offer.

To be eligible to receive bonus you need to deposit a minimum of $250. I’ve checked LQDFX’s bonus program and it’s pretty cool. You can get up to $20 000 bonus instantly when you deposit, and it’s withdrawable too. 

Unlike bonuses from other overseas forex brokers, LQDFX will not stop withdrawing your fund at any time. Once the volume requirements have been met, the Bonus will be credited to your LQDFX account.

4. LQDFX Review PAMM Account

The LQDFX PAMM program is known to be leading PAMM program in forex market. It provides fund managers with an excellent tool to manage their clients funds.

The allocation of investors is split by up to 0.0000001 in volume and performance, and management fees are automatically paid.

5. Negative Balance Protection

And here’s something important which many overseas forex broker don’t provide but LQDFX does, the negative balance protection. 

This means you won’t lose more than your account balance, even in volatile market conditions. It’s like having a safety net to protect you from unexpected falls.

5. LQDFX Trading Instruments

In this LQDFX review 2023, I can confidently say that LQDFX continues to impress with their broad range of trading instruments which include forex, indices, commodities, stock CFDs, and cryptocurrencies. It provides plenty of opportunities for traders with over 136 global instruments:

  • 71 FX pairs
  • 11 Indices CFDs
  • 4 Commodity CFDs
  • 37 Stock CFDs
  • 13 Cryptocurrencies

All instruments are available in all account types.

On the LQDFX website, you can also check trade variables including swap rates, typical spreads, contract size and market hours for all available trading instruments.

6. LQDFX Review - Account Types

LQDFX offers a variety of account types to meet the demands of traders of all levels, from beginner-friendly accounts to advanced trading solutions. These account types includes: Micro Account, ECN Account, Gold Account, Islamic Account, and VIP Account.

LQDFX Accounts Types - Comparison Table

LQDFX Account TypesMicro AccountGold AccountECN AccountVIP AccountIslamic Account
Max. Leverage1:10001:3001:3001:1001:300
Spread1.0 pip0.7 pips0.1 pip0.1 pip0.7 pips
ECN Commission$0$0$3.5$2.5$0
Min. Deposit$20$500$500$25000$20
Min. Lot Size0.
Max. Lot Size54040No Limit40
Best Suited forBeginnerSwingEA/ScalperHNIMuslim

1. LQDFX Micro Account Review

The Micro Account is perfect for traders who are new to forex trading or prefer smaller trading volumes at start to understand broker’s trading conditions and services. 

With a low minimum investment of $20 and up to 1:1000 leverage you can start trading on a live Micro account. It’s a great option to gain experience and test strategies without risking a large capital.

2. LQDFX Gold Account

The Gold Account is designed for traders looking to trade higher volume sizes. To understand trading costs, you do not need to calculate spread and ECN commission individually. Spreads include all costs, making trading easier for high-volume and EA traders.  

Gold Account offers a maximum leverage of 1:300, requires a minimum deposit of $500, allows maximum lot size of 40 lots and extremely tight spreads starting at 0.7 pips for EURUSD.

3. LQDFX ECN Account

The ECN Account supports retail traders who seek raw spreads starting at 0.1 pips. It gives access to an ECN environment that short-term traders prefer for scalping strategy, while only charging a small ECN commission. If you’re looking for 0.1 pips spreads, up to 1:500 leverage, $3.5 per side commission and direct market access, this account type is ideal.

4. LQDFX VIP Account Review

The VIP Account is personalized for high-end traders seeking the best trading conditions. The minimum deposit requirement is $25000, leverage 1:100 and ECN Commission is just $2.4 per standard lot per side. 

It offers you one-to-one support, customizable trading tools, and no restrictions on maximum lot sizes. It also provides a premium trading experience. If you’re an experienced trader with a larger capital, this account offers greater benefits and personalized assistance.

5. LQDFX Islamic Account

The Islamic Account is similar to the Gold Account in terms of spreads and lot size restrictions. However, it differentiates itself by not applying swaps at rollover times. This feature makes it compliant with Islamic principles. If you wish for swap-free trading, this account type is worth considering.

7. LQDFX Trading Costs Review

I went into detail into their trading costs, including as spreads, ECN commission, and swaps, while gathering data for this LQDFX Review 2023. Let us go over them one by one:

1. LQDFX Spread Review

When compared to other offshore forex brokers, LQDFX spreads are among the most competitive in the market. In fact, allowing traders to minimise their trading costs, which may be significant if you trade more than 10 standard lots a day.

The spread on Micro account starts at 1.0 pip, the ECN and VIP account boasts raw spreads from 0.1 pips, and the Gold and Islamic account offers tight spreads starting at 0.7 pips.

LQDFX Spread - Account Wise Comparison

LQDFX Spread (Pips)Micro AccountGold AccountECN AccountVIP AccountIslamic Account

2. LQDFX Commission Review

In terms of commissions, the Micro and Gold Accounts have none on forex trades, while the ECN Account charges a reasonable $3.50 per side per standard lot traded on FX. The VIP Account acquires a commission of $2.50 per side per standard lot on FX.

3. LQDFX Swaps Review

A Swap is charged by LQDFX when you keep a position open overnight. For EURUSD swap Short is – 0.1 and Long is – 4.5.

Short- 0.13.6-
Long- 4.5- 8.83.6- 3.3- 12.1

8. LQDFX Trading Platforms

LQDFX provides its clients with advanced trading platforms that are equipped with powerful features and tools to enhance the trading experience. The MetaTrader 4 (MT4) platform, is like the gold standard in the trading world, is available for desktop and mobile devices.

MT4 got all the bells and whistles you need to navigate the forex market. From its user-friendly interface to the ability to customize it to your heart’s content, MT4 truly has it all.

If you’re an algorithmic trader or enjoy fancy automation, LQDFX has got you covered. MT4 works seamlessly with Expert Advisors, allowing you to automate and back test your trading strategies and save precious time.

9. LQDFX Deposit and Withdrawal

Let’s dive into the world of deposit and withdrawal options with this LQDFX Review in 2023. They’ve got some handy choices to suit forex traders needs.

  • Bitcoin and other Cryptos,
  • Master and Visa Cards,
  • and online payment processor: PayRedeem.

To deposit your minimum $20 funds, you can rely on Visa, Mastercard or Cryptos. It’s a breeze, and your money usually lands in your account within a speedy 30 minutes. No deposit fees here!

If you choose to withdraw using your cards, there’s a $10 fee attached, but with Cryptos withdrawal fee is none. Plus, they process those requests within just 1-2 business day.

So, it’s all about making informed choices. Consider the fees and processing times as you decide on your preferred deposit and withdrawal methods.

10. LQDFX Regulation and Fund Security

 LQDFX operates without regulatory oversight. However, they’ve got policies and procedures in place to assess and control risks. They ensure that they can handle any financial needs that pop up during trading.

Now, let’s talk about fund security. LQDFX takes serious pride in keeping their client’s funds safe and sound. They’ve got these cool segregated accounts system going on. What does that mean? Your money is kept separate from the company’s funds.

But that’s not all! LQDFX knows the importance of solid banking partnerships. They team up with over 265 banks worldwide. It includes big shots like Barclays, HSBC, and Deutsche Bank. So you can rest easy, knowing your funds are secure.

11. LQDFX Customer Support

I checked out LQDFX’s customer support, and here’s what I found.  They are available via Live Chat email, and phone. Their experienced Live Chat support team works round the clock from Monday to Friday, like a devoted squad of forex superheroes.

What impressed me was their swift response time; I was connected in less than a minute, and the support staff acted like friendly guides, ready to help me through the Forex jungle. They knew their stuff, answering all my questions with ease.

If it’s not urgent or you want to register a complaint, send them an email at support@lqdfx.com.

11. LQDFX Client's Feedback and Review

During my search for a reputed overseas forex broker that accept US clients in 2023, I decided to read LQDFX reviews from their clients at independent and reliable forex forum such as ForexPeaceArmy and Myfxbook, as well as discussion about them at forums such as ForexFactory, and Babypips.

I have been trading with lqdfx more than 2 years. Most of the essential part I have done very smoothly with no restrictions . Very some times I faced some issues but there customers services very active and friendly. They makes everything easier . Withdrawal never take’s more than 24 hours at all and no hidden fees I found. Everything is going good this way .
Bronx, USA, June 16, 2023.
i am a student and doing Forex as part timer from LQDFX platform . experience with this company since October 2022. deposit was very fast. already withdrawal 3 Times within 24 to 48 hours without any problems . live chat is very responsive compare to my previous broker. everything is goin fine with them.
Chimbuk Road, Bangladesh, March 2, 2023.
My earnings are up to my expectations because of the low spread provided by LQDFX Broker. Their stp execution works well, and I hardly face any requotes or slippage issues. I withdrew around 200 dollars last month from the broker and received the payment in a span of a few hours. In my view, it's a good package offered by the broker. But I wonder why they don't provide any deposit fees. And that's the only reason I cannot be giving the broker a 5-star rating, yet I am giving it a 4-star rating.
Erie PA, USA, Jan 19, 2023.

12. LQDFX vs. other Overseas Forex Brokers for US Clients

LQDFX vs. Other Overseas Forex brokers

Brokers ComparisonLQDFXLMFXEagleFXAzaForexCryptoRocket
Foundation Year20152015201920162018
Maximum Leverage1:10001:10001:5001:10001:500
Spread (pips)
ECN Commission (per side)$2.5$4$3$3$3
Trading InstrumentsForex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Cryptos Forex, Indices, Commodities, Metals and Oils, Stock CFDsForex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptos, Stock CFDs, FuturesForex, Indices, Commodities, Metals, Stock CFDs, Binary OptionsForex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptos, Stock CFDs, Futures
Trading PlatformsMT4 (Desktop, Web Trader, Mobile)MT4 (Desktop, Web Trader, Mobile)MT4 (Desktop, Web Trader, Mobile)Mobius7MT4 (Desktop, Web Trader, Mobile)
Bonuses100% Bonus100% & 15% BonusNo Bonus Offer120% Loyalty Bonus, 25% Crypto Bonus and more..No Bonus offer
VPS Hosting offerYesYesNoYesNo
Live Chat Support24/524/524/7No24/7
Minimum Deposit$20$50$10$1$1
Visit LQDFX WebsiteVisit LMFX WebsiteVisit EagleFX WebsiteVisit AzaForex WebsiteVisit CryptoRocket

13. LQDFX Summary

To conclude, LQDFX broker has left a positive impression on me, drawing from my overall experience with them during this review process.

LQDFX operates without regulatory oversight, however they prioritize creating a secure and transparent trading environment for their clients.

Recently they started offering up to 1:1000 leverage on their Micro account. Furthermore they cater to traders of all levels, with low spreads and several trading products. Plus, their STP execution confirms smooth trading like cruising on an open highway.

With features like PAMM accounts, bonuses, and negative balance protection, LQDFX aims to meet the needs of traders from around the globe, including US. 

Their customer support, available in multiple languages, adds to the overall positive experience. So, if you’re searching an overseas forex broker accepting US clients with favourable conditions, give LQDFX some serious consideration.

I conclude the LQDFX Review, and wish you good luck in Forex trading!


Where is LQDFX located?

LQDFX owned by LQD LTD is located in Ground Floor, The Sotheby Building, Rodney Village, Rodney Bay, Gros-Islet, Saint Lucia. Registration number 2023-00139.

Is LQDFX a good broker?

There are over 1200 online forex brokers available to traders all around the world. However, out of these 1200 brokers only 15-20 overseas forex brokers accept US clients. Yes, compared to these 15-20 overseas forex broker who accept US clients, LMFX is a good broker, in fact it is among the top 3.

Does LQDFX accepts US Clients?

Yes, LQDFX accepts clients all over the globe, including US clients. However, LQDFX website clearly says that their website does not target soliciting citizens or residents from any jurisdiction that would be contrary to local law or regulation. So, check with your local attorney before start trading overseas. 

Is LQDFX Regulated?

LQDFX operates without regulatory oversight. However it is a duly registered and compliant forex broker based in Saint Lucia.

What is the minimum deposit for LMFX?

The minimum deposit for LQDFX’s Micro and Islamic account is $20, for Gold and ECN accounts is $500, and for VIP account it’s $25000.

Does LQDFX allows Hedging, Scalping and EA trading?  

Yes, LQDFX allows all types of trading strategies, including hedging, scalping and EA trading.

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